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MUSC Employee's Benefit Site

MUSC Employee's Benefit Site

Information From Your Employer

Schedule time to review your benefits today!

Whether you intend to keep your current coverage or make modifications, it is essential that you schedule an appointment to review the accuracy of your elections.

Your income may change periodically, it is important that you review your coverage to help ensure you are protecting your full current income. You must make an active election with your American Fidelity representative.

Ask your American Fidelity representative what new options are available for you.


Prepare for Enrollment

When did you last review your benefits? Even if it seems like yesterday, there’s probably a lot that’s changed, from within your family to the benefit options available to you. The benefits you picked last year may not be the best fit for this year. Watch this video to see what benefits are available.

Ways to Enroll

New This Enrollment

There are some new or updated options available during this enrollment. Be sure to check with your American Fidelity representative for more details.

  • Cancer Insurance
    From treatment to non-medical expenses, like travel and lodging, a cancer diagnosis can be financially devastating. Limited Benefit Cancer Insurance is designed to help you financially so you can focus on recovery. Learn more.


Before enrollment begins, review your current insurance coverage and benefits options available to you and your family. Think about:

  • If you experienced a life change such as a birth of a child, marriage, etc.
  • Any questions you may have to help you understand how your benefits work.

For additional questions, please contact:

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[Short Term Disability & Cancer Coverage Only]