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Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs Benefit Site

Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs Benefit Site

Information About Your Enrollment

All districts except, Butte College, Bangor, Palermo, and Paradise can schedule a virtual or in-person appointment using the sites below. Spanish appointments are limited, however feel free to reach out to American Fidelity for accommodations.


Prepare for Enrollment

When did you last review your benefits? Even if it seems like yesterday, there’s probably a lot that’s changed, from within your family to the benefit options available to you. The benefits you picked last year may not be the best fit for this year. Your benefits are offered under a Section 125 Plan, which can save you money in the long run. This video explains how!

Ways to Enroll

New This Enrollment

There are some new or updated options available during this enrollment. Be sure to check with your American Fidelity representative for more details.

  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance
    A lot of out-of-pocket medical expenses may come with an unexpected medical emergency. Limited Benefit Hospital Indemnity Insurance may help with certain medical costs and, depending on your plan, offers benefits for accident surgery and treatment, ICU confinement, and more. Learn more.


Before enrollment begins, review your current insurance coverage and benefits options available to you and your family. Think about:

  • What you need to bring to your appointment: your driver’s license, bank account information for direct deposit, dates of birth for your spouse or children, and beneficiary information, including (if a trust) name and date of trust.
  • Dental, major medical, and vision expenses you had last year and any other expenses you plan to have this year.

For additional questions, please contact:

Northern California Branch Office

Make Selection Location Available Date(s) Time
.In-person Open Enrollment Meetings-Chico Office
500 Cohasset Road, Suite 24, Chico 95926
No enrollment dates available at this location.
.Virtual Open Enrollment Meetings
Available to all BSSP groups partnered with AFA