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Ogden School District Benefit Site

Ogden School District Benefit Site

Information From Your Employer

Your employer partnered with American Fidelity to offer you supplemental benefits. You can now enroll in major medical insurance, dental and vision insurance, Section 125 benefits, and supplemental benefits—all in one place!

Whether you're planning on maintaining your current coverage choices, making changes, or waiving coverage, your employer requires you to schedule an appointment. 

Benefit Documents: 

-Major Medical 




-Employee Assistance 

New Hires

Congratulations on your new position! To learn about what insurance benefits are available to you (some of which may be time-sensitive) and how you can enroll, contact your American Fidelity representative.

Mid-Year Benefit Changes

Certain life events that can change your insurance needs may happen outside of the annual open enrollment period, like marriage or a new baby. If you think you need to apply or adjust your coverage, reach out to your human resources or benefits representative first, who can coordinate with your American Fidelity representative to help you learn about your options. Please note, some benefits may be time-sensitive.

Continuing Coverage

Leaving your employer? Retiring? You may be able to keep many of your American Fidelity insurance policies. Contact our Policy Continuation team for more details!


Before enrollment begins, review your current insurance coverage and benefits options available to you and your family. Think about:

  • If you experienced a life change such as a birth of a child, marriage, etc.
  • Any questions you may have to help you understand how your benefits work.


For additional questions, please contact:

Adrain Brodeur